Grand Prix Series 2018


Grand Prix Race Series 2017

Please click here for a list of the proposed races for 2017


Aims of the Grand Prix


> To provide an incentive to members to train for a goal or goals

> To promote a competitive spirit amongst Club members throughout the running year.

> To encourage Club members to support and participate in races in the local region and also further afield where races promoted as a club outing.

> To allow for more trophies to be won/presented at the end of season Club Presentation Night.


How it Works


> Members choose from a list of “Official” races throughout the year to make up the Grand Prix. Points are awarded according to position in the completed race relative to MDRC runners - 20 for 1st, 19 for 2nd, 18 for 3rd etc.

> Points are calculated separately for the overall Mens and Ladies competitions and within each age category.

> In the event of there being more than 20 runners in a category the points will start at the number of runners. To qualify for points you must enter under your own name and under Market Drayton Running Club.

> A runner’s best seven scores are added to produce his or her Grand Prix points tally over the season.

> In the event of a tie, scores for 8th, 9th, 10th races etc. are included until there is an overall winner.

> For the age categories to qualify for prizes, at least one runner in the category must have entered at least three races within the series of any distance.

> Age categories are determined by the age of the runner on the date defined as the start of the Grand Prix season – for 2017, this is 1st January.


Detailed Rules of the Grand Prix - There are two competitions:


1. Grand Prix Championship (GPC).


> If a Club runner runs in a designated GP race then they are entered in the GPC.

> A runner must run a minimum of SEVEN GP races.

> The best SEVEN race results are taken.

> If two or more runners have the same points score, then the best 8 races for those runners are taken and so on until a winner emerges.

> If one runner completes 8 or more races, it is still the best 7 for comparative purposes between the runners unless the other runner(s) complete(s) 8 races.

> Only the same numbers of races are compared.

> All runners must enter the race under MARKET DRAYTON RUNNING CLUB

> All runners must run under their OWN names.

> If a runner takes another runner’s name/number their position will NOT be counted.



2. Age Category Championship (ACC).


> All runners entered in the GPC will be entered into the appropriate ACC.

> A runner’s age category is decided on their age at the beginning of the championship season i.e. the day after the previous Presentation Evening.

> A runner in a particular category will only compete for points against a runner in the same category.

> At least one runner in the category must have entered at least three races within the series of any distance.

> The winner of the GPC will not count in his or her ACC.




> If a member wishes to add a new run to the GP list; TWO MONTHS notice is required before it can be included so that other members will have time to enter the race – any new proposed races will be reviewed by the MDRC Committee for agreement in the race series and the decision will be advised to all members via email and the Club Facebook page.









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