Club Membership



Join Market Drayton Running Club


If you are running 3 miles or more already, contact us and come and join one of our existing groups.

You are allowed to run with MDRC three times before we ask that you join us, please speak with Mandy Greene with regards to MDRC



Annual Membership


Membership fees are now due (April 2017). All members have been emailed a membership renewal form to complete and will receive an

email with a payment request. Payments are make online via the UKA.


Annual membership fees are £33.00 (for a first claim members) and due in April each year.


By being a member of MDRC, you qualify for a discounted membership with Market Drayton Gym/Pool and selected sports / outdoor shops

Membership Form 2018











MDRC 2016 PARQ Form -


All members are required to complete a PARQ form when they join and renew their club membership - please send this form to Mandy Greene













Club Discount


Please ask Jane Morris for the discount code


*** 15% Discount to all members at Cotswold Outdoor, Bridgemere ***

All members are now entitled to 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor


Follow Cotswold-Outdoor at Bridgemere on Facebook are sold at Cotswold - recommended for running in ice/snowy conditions!

Please ask Jane Morris for your code!


If you wish to join the club please contact Mandy Greene who is the Membership Secretary.







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